Radomir Popovic

Data Scientist

Why did you choose FMC Data Solutions?
During my master studies, I worked as a part time Research/Data Scientist in neuroscience field. At that time, I realized that working in healthcare/medical domain is something that I find most fulfilling as a Data Scientist. In addition, I wanted to broaden my knowledge and switch to industry, where I would be able to work in environment that is both business and research driven, with direct impact on patients’ lives. Consequently, I applied for FMC Data Solutions.

What do you particularly like about your work?
Combined feeling of freedom and responsibility, regardless of seniority. The work itself is not something that one might call a typical 9 to 5 job, as it involves constant communication with different kinds of stakeholders, independent decision making, creative problem solving and so forth. While also improving technical skills each day, this is a challenging, but ultimately an environment which I find most suitable for long term personal growth.

Where do you see the biggest revolutions in the AI and Medical Devices sector?
Some recent Natural Language Processing (NLP) advancements, which utilize Attention mechanism, seem to be quite powerful in wide range of other Machine Learning areas as well. As these models and algorithms get more sophisticated and accurate, I find interesting the challenge on how to optimally bridge the gap between them and the actual medical staff – More specifically, how to make automated prediction models more explainable and of direct help to health professionals, via e.g. advanced intelligent dashboards. In addition, Genomic Data Science is something that shouldn’t be neglected in the following years to come.

What does it take to make a Data Science team productive?
Having a common understanding of a goal, passion for solving a problem, transparency, clear communication, mutual respect.

What would your advice to applicants be?
If you want to pursue a meaningful career as a Data Scientist and if you can see yourself contributing to the lives of patients, then you should definitely apply!