Lena Scherer

Master's degree candidate

Lena joined FMC Data Solutions in May 2020 and is currently writing her master thesis. While studying Industrial Engineering and Management at the KIT in Karlsruhe, she discovered her interest in medical technology. She focused on Medical and Micro System Technology. Especially the use of new sensor technologies and wearables that enable patients to live an autonomous life despite their disease fascinated her.

Because of that, Lena in the new potential of technology in MedTech, sensor systems and wearables during her Master studies. Through an additional focus on Digital Health, she got to know the possibilities of using Data Science in point of care diagnostics.

During her work as research assistant in a Digital-MedTech-Startup she gathered first practical experience at the intersection of hardware and Data Science in healthcare, which has since then been her focus of interest. Therefore, she decided to write her master thesis at FMC Data Solutions about the application of sensor and image analysis to improve the quality of life and treatment outcome for kidney patients.

Lena Scherer


MSc + BSc Industrial Engineering and Management


MedTech, Digital Health, Wearables and sensor systems


Master Thesis, Patient-App