Ritwika Mukherjee

Data Scientist

Why did you choose FMC Data Solutions?
FMC Data Solutions is a team of cross-disciplinary, diverse, and enthusiastic data scientists. As part of the team, I get to build data-driven products to improve the quality of lives of patients and health care professionals. Using data analytics and interpretable machine learning models to impact healthcare is very important to me. In this team, I also found a unique chance to collaborate on projects that require perspective from people with varied backgrounds. This enables me to learn something new every day while staying focused in our combined efforts.

What are you currently working on?
Currently, my projects are targeted towards peritoneal dialysis. I am working on predicting modality transitions in patients before onset to provide more directed, individualized care. For this, I am applying predictive models on a combination of medical and machine data. I am also working on building smart sensors to enable predictive maintenance of dialyzers that would make therapy more comfortable.

What do you particularly like about your work?
My projects span a variety of fields. To succeed in the role, I speak with other data scientists, engineers, nurses, and doctors. These collaborations are absolutely critical for our goals. So I am always learning things, technical and otherwise. The adaptive environment keeps me engaged and motivated. More broadly, we are all involved in building entire product lifecycles. We define our projects, collaborate for experimentation, and create pilots to eventually deploy to scale. This allows us to understand pain points at each step and lets us be creative and holistic.

What kind of personality traits or skills do you need to work at FMC Data Solutions?
We are dynamic, open-minded, but always focused on the task at hand. We have a variety of personalities and backgrounds within our team and take pride in it. The atmosphere is one where we can ask questions freely, allowing us to be productive while encouraging individual growth. We learn from one another constantly. So, apart from technical skills, transparent communication is key to working at FMC Data Solutions.