Radomir Popovic

Data Scientist

Radomir joined FMC Data Solutions in February 2021. As a Software Engineer by background, he developed passion for Data Science during his Master studies at RWTH Aachen. 

At that time, he worked in Social and Medical Data Science areas as a (student) research assistant. Regarding the prior, he was involved in identification and elimination of bias phenomenon in Natural Language Processing. With respect to latter, he worked on projects related to central and peripheral nervous system signal analysis (mobile EEG and microneurography). 

He loves researching a variety of different Data Science topics, so that he is able to utilize that knowledge for creating data-driven solutions. 

Radomir Popovic


MSc Software Systems Engineering, BSc Information Systems and Technologies


Natural Language Processing, Statistical Analysis, Computer Vision


Design and implementation of Interactive Dashboards and Data Pipelines, NLP Expert System