Nathan Warren

Data Scientist

Why did you choose FMC Data Solutions?
I was interested in using my domain knowledge in healthcare and my technical data science abilities to improve patient outcomes through the use of medical devices. FMC provides a perfect place for me to do so while also allowing me to work on projects of my choosing. Furthermore, the team here at FMC DS are all experts in their respective areas of data science, providing me with a great opportunity to learn and develop professionally.

What do you particularly like about your work?
We work a large diversity of stakeholders meaning that interesting projects are always present. I enjoy being able to own my projects and know that I am creating solutions that work towards providing patients with better care. There is a tremendous amount of freedom, as we are encouraged to develop our own solutions, with the support of teammates.

Where do you see the biggest revolutions in the AI and Medical Devices sector?
I believe that medical device, especially wearables, will become a lot more common in everyday life. With this increase in devices comes the need for edge machine learning, which not only allows for real-time analysis, but also reduces the need of the cloud and power consumption of the device. Relately, there has also been significant research done into model compression which reduces the need for storage and computational power.

What does it take to make a Data Science team productive?
Communication, curiosity, and the willingness to learn and take on new challenges are all vital towards having a productive team. Working with such a large variety of stakeholders, it is important to be able to turn their problems into testable hypotheses while also being able to explain complex topics as clear and concise data stories.

What would your advice to applicants be?
Figure out what you enjoy doing through side projects. Projects will not only educate you, but also give you work you can be proud of and speak about during interviews. If you’re interested in medical devices and data science I would highly recommend applying.