Max Botler

Data Scientist

Why did you choose FMC Data Solutions?

The most important aspect is certainly that our work is directly aimed at the well-being of the patients. On the technical level, we work along the entire pipeline, from the first concepts to the implementation of finished products. Our work therefore goes far beyond evaluating machine learning models and is measured against the impact it has on patients.

What are you currently working on?

On the one hand, I am working on the reduction of alarms during dialysis and thus make therapy less stressful for patients. On the other hand, I’m evaluating the condition of the arteriovenousfistula. We think about automatic stenosis detection and determine if  a failure of the fistula is going to occur, thus avoiding health risks for the patient.

What do you particularly like about your work?

Working in a very diversified environment. Our projects cover all therapeutic areas at FMC with the participation of stakeholders from various departments and the use of a diverse tech stack.  The learning curve is extremely steep, mainly because we support each other and because we benefit and get inspired by each other’s knowledge.

What kind of personality traits or skills do you need to work at FMC Data Solutions?

In my opinion, the two most important qualities are motivation and willingness to learn! In addition, you should of course have a good intuition for data and know how to generate value from data. On the technical level, you should be familiar with machine learning. Knowledge of hypothesis testing and solid programming skills are also a prerequisite.

What would your advice to applicants be?

Always expand your own horizon! During my studies, I realized many smaller side projects in my spare time, e.g. I developed a web scraper for clothing prices to create transparency about price trends. I also took part in Kaggle challenges several times. The knowledge that you get out of such projects is immense, because while you are working on them, you constantly have to understand new frameworks and algorithms.