Max Botler

Data Scientist

Max was drawn to the field of Data Science by the clarity and objectivity of data in conjunction with the excitement of creating Machine Learning applications that help us to make better decisions. He loves to work with state-of-the-art tools and build innovative products that solve real world problems and create value.

What started with general curiosity about Machine Learning quickly turned into passion while Max participated in an online course about ML basic algorithms in between  his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering. Having found this passion, Max decided to dive more into this field during his Master‘s degree at TU Berlin, where he participated in general ML lectures and computer vision projects.

Parallel to his studies, Max gained further hands-on Data Science experience while working for Telekom Innovation Lab as a student research assistant in the field of anomaly detection.

Max joined FMC Data Solutions at the beginning of 2020 and is now using his expertise to help move the line of what is currently achievable for patients and clinicians continuously forward.

Max Botler


BSc + MSc Industrial Engineering with focus on Machine Learning


Computer Vision, Anomaly Detection


acoustic fingerprinting based failure detection, smart alarms