Dr. Jamie Ye

Data Scientist

Why did you choose FMC Data Solutions?
Fresenius Medical Care is one of the world’s leading renal companies. It will be a unique experience for me to participate in the innovation of first class products in the industry. FMC Data Solutions is a truly global and international team. Members located in different countries can work on the same projects. It is a young team, yet everyone is smart and highly skilled. We are also given the chance to do global rotations every year. For me this team is more than ideal.

What are you currently working on?
I’m currently working closely with the marketing team and medical team to land some of the global AI projects in China. It is a super challenging move, because beside of the value of the projects themselves, we also have to consider the needs of the Chinese market which might differ from the western market. Meanwhile, I’m seeking for local opportunities where we can apply AI to support various teams’ work, to help dialysis and kidney disease patients to have better and smarter therapies.

What do you particularly like about your work?
We are initiating some cool AI projects to drive the dialysis industry forward. I like the way how team members collaborate. We share knowledges, experiences and support each other. Information is transparent within the team. Every team member is highly motivated and we move towards the same goals. I also enjoy the flexible working time and home office option.

What kind of personality traits or skills do you need to work at FMC Data Solutions?
First of all, we have to convert real life problems to scientific problems and be able to apply data science and machine learning to solve them. Secondly, it is very important to think positive and not be afraid of challenges. In addition, we communicate daily with global and local stakeholders, so presentation skills are quite crucial. Last but not least, we need to be creative, innovative and collaborative, as well as be able to think and work independently.

What would your advice to applicants be?
It is better to have some hands-on data science projects experiences. Be positive and keep learning.