Dr. Matthias Kuss


What is FMC Data Solutions’ DNA?

Data Solutions is part of Global Research & Development at Fresenius Medical Care. We draw on a global network of excellent engineers and therapy developers and support them in making our devices even “smarter”. We use state-of-the-art technologies to help people.

What is your vision for FMC Data Solutions?

We take care of smart dialysis. It is about making our patients’ lives more liveable and at the same time giving more people access to life-saving dialysis. Modern analytics and artificial intelligence will be essential components for the development and automation of dialysis.

How do you measure the success of FMC Data Solutions?

We want to make the machines smarter and, by doing so, give more people access to ever better dialysis therapies. We offer our employees a meaningful job and an exciting working environment, in which individual freedom and a large scope of design combined with the power of a large corporation.

What kind of employees are you looking for?

We are looking for people who, in addition to their analytical strength, have a high degree of openness, flexibility and proactivity. If these qualities are combined with the desire to do something meaningful, applicants are in good hands at FMC Data Solutions.

Where do you see the biggest revolutions in the AI and Medical Devices sector?

Diagnoses are still mostly based on a relatively small number of factors. In the future, it will be possible to determine the optimal treatment based on a variety of factors and to automate the respective treatment series. This automation will enable doctors to focus more and more on the course of the disease itself and the patients in their particular context.